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Shooting for the Stars 

Published by The O'Brien Press and illustrated by Jennifer Farley, Shooting for the Stars takes readers on a journey beyond our Earth and explores many of the fun facts about space exploration. Winner of An Post Children's book of the year, senior, 2019.

Join me as I bring readers, young and old, on a journey to the stars. Available online and worldwide through Amazon and O'Brien Press and in-store at all good Irish book sellers.

Speaking engagements | Panels | Events

I am an experienced communicator and I have worked with a range of clients including An Post, Microsoft Ireland, VodafoneAnalog Devices, EY, Pfizer, Regeneron, the Environmental Protection Agency and many others to provide keynote presentations and project collaborations. I've also participated in several panel discussions and presented at numerous events and conferences. Check out some testimonials on the 'About Me' page.

For all corporate inquiries, please contact Joanne in Personally Speaking

Herstory | 2020

As part of the Herstory on RTÉ project, schoolchildren across Ireland were asked to nominate the women who inspire them, and to explain why. From hundreds of entries, 6 were chosen to become the subjects of original RTÉ animations.

I was nominated by a young girl, Clara, and my story was made into an animation by Daily Madness Productions and shown on RTEjn.

Space Camp | 2020

Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Treasures Family Space Camp is a virtual 5 part series, presented by myself and Mark Langtry (Mark The Science Guy), taking you on a journey to the stars!

Packed full of fun, information, interviews, site visits, activities, and lots more. Join myself and Mark as we explore what it takes to become an astronaut. Learn about space food, space suits, space walks and so much more. 

The series is available to watch online, through The Irish Times, HERE